How to use digital signage to increase engagement?

How to use digital signage to increase engagement?

What separates a particular brand from its competition? Quality, utility and price are one of such answers. But what if they are the same brand? Due to monopoly in some sectors, retailers are likely to sell similar products. But why is that few retailers have successful stores while others don’t? What separates knew retailer from another is retail store marketing. Yes, it is the way products are promoted Smart Film Thailand, customers are drawn in the stores and hence, sales are made. Nowadays retailers are using technology driven advertisements to reach to maximum customers. 

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One such technology is digital signage technology.  According to experts, the engagement rate in a store has increased by 47%, two out of three customers claim that digital signage grabs their attention and 88% people think that digital signage can compete with online shipping ฟิ ล ม์ กรอง แสง บ้าน. Online shopping has brought a bad fate for retailers. Many retail stores are losing a lot of money, as people prefer online shopping than coming to a store. There is 8% increase in overall volume of sales after installation of digital signage. So, what is digital signage? There are les chances that a person has never encountered digital signage in their lives. It has become a part of our lives. 

These digital signage are the LCD or LED screens that display the products or services through digital images or animated videos. Studies have claimed that digital videos are more influential in making purchase decision than reading commercials. Digital signage has enables retailers a chance at making, controlling and managing the promotion of a product. This kind of advertising is more influential than older methods of advertising. Not to mention, they are more efficient and effective. Customers can have the required information on the screens regarding a product. This way they don’t need to communicate with the sales associate. Digital signage has reduced the need of human intervention in shopping. They can be used as way finder. Retailers can share about upcoming products, exclusive deals and offers, location of the products in different aisles and feedback of the customers. Digital signage has enhanced the customer experience. 

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The content can be displayed using digital signage software. If retailers know how to create PowerPoints then they are already master at this. Using advanced digital signage, retailers can now use facial recognition digital technology that will enable then to know the number of customers who have watched their ad, their age group and their genders. Imagine going to a retail store, picking up a product and a video pops on the screen about that product, this is called IOT digital signage. This delivers real time notification to the customers about the product they pick up. This will dynamically send them promotions about the product, reviews and other necessary information. This also helps to upsell the products and services. Digital signage can also help the retailers for employees’ facial recognition and badge. Digital signage technology can help retailers in more than one way.